Sunday, January 10, 2016

Animal Tangle Class

Today, the Zentangle class I taught was ANIMAL TANGLE.
Each student chose their favorite animal and we used the NEW" OPUS" tiles from Zentangle.
  This is a new larger tile (10.5 x 10.5).  Perfect for framing in a 11 X 14 frame
(Costco has them for 2 for $20 last time I looked). 
These make great gifts for friends and family.  Who doesn't have a favorite animal/pet?
All the ladies have homework to do.  No way can you finish a project like this in two hours (from the beginning;  to deciding on animal choice and drawing the image, tangling and of course admiring everyone else's work).  So fun   Super start Sonya, Joan, Sharon, Susan, Jayne and Camille

We did learn several new tangles of course:  One of them was Maryhill, (this is Maryhill in center and Lokomotive for border)

Shout out to Betsy Wilson for designing this tangle.
and Strircles (might be my new favorite tangle) were just two tangles I introduced today



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