Sunday, January 31, 2016

Up Up and Beyond Introduction to Zentangle (Beyond Basic Zentangle Class)

Sunday, fun day with Terri and Marie.  We went well beyond what you learn in Introduction to Zentangle class and jumped head first into the Beyond Basic Class.  There is never enough time to fit all I want to teach students in this class. It is like going from kindergarten to six grade in one step.  The concept is to start thinking more on their own with tangelations new ways to incorporate different tangles and embellishments, and strings and so much more.  That is why I say this is a MUST HAVE 2nd CLASS. 
 Have you gone beyond yet?  I have a couple Beyond Basic Zentangle classes coming up in February if you want to jump in too.  Take a look at my class page.  Find one near you !!! 
What a great way to spend a Sunday.... tangling.


  1. OMG! I just saw this photo!!! Hehe!!! I had a wonderful time that day. I do enjoy the near one-on-one time. I hope to make it to a workshop at Beverly's soon! I have learned A LOT from you, Janet! I can see how my skills have improved a lot since i met you.

    1. Thanks Marie..... and I found a ukulele friend at the same time