Thursday, January 14, 2016

San Diego Oasis Introduction to Zentangle®

     I love sharing this amazing art form. Today at San Diego Oasis - Mission Valley, I taught INTRODUCTION TO ZENTANGLE art method.   One student came into class saying "I shouldn't be here, I draw stick people".  I told her she was my favorite student. I get to prove to her -no art experience necessary - for this art method.

     When Terry finished her first tile, she text a pic to her "artist" friend and impressed him with a WOW response..  After she finished her second tile - during the instruction Terry said ahe wouldn't send that one to him. She didn't like how it was turning out.  Then,  just like I said "don't judge your tile till you finish" - she ended up sending her 2nd tile to her "artist" friend again.  Terry (the 5th one person from the left in the above pic - with the BIG smile) impressed herself and her friend. I rest my case.  If you can write your name... you can "tangle" and make a beautiful piece of art.

      So fun to watch a person that hasn't been successful in art before -- finish a Zentangle tile that looks complicated and intricate.  The co-founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas found a way to take the "hard" out of art.  "Anything is possible one stroke at a time®".   Just breakdown the pattern and draw line to line.

Good group of ladies today. Thanks for coming Kathleen, Judy D., Judy J, Terry, Cheryl and Gay

Patterns tangled on this tile were:  Twing, Onamato, Hollibaugh, Flux, Meer, 
Can you pick them out?

One of the interesting spots in the two hour class is to see them admire the other tiles and then try to find their own.  Wasn't so easy, was it ladies? 

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