Monday, August 1, 2016

Beyond Basic Zentangle at Poway Library

Several familiar faces returned from last weeks (Introduction to Zentangle class), at Poway Library to this weeks Beyond Basic Zentangle class and I was very pleased to see many new faces.  Great crowd to share the amazing  ZENTANGLE. Art Method with.

First, we learned more complex patterns "tangles".  I call Introduction to Zentangle - "kindergarten", and Beyond Basic Zentangle is like jumping into the" sixth grade" (way more information about Zentangle and lots of tangleations (variations of tangles), tangos (two patterns put together), string theory, shading and so much more to make your tiles POP.
The adorable little boy in the center (below) did a fantastic job.  He liked it so much last week, him and his Mom came back.  Adorable. little guy.  I'm sorry I couldn't fit his entire art piece (the one on the left to the tiles) in the picture.  He did such a good job. 
THANKS POWAY LIBRARY, the room was fantastic.

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