Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Artist & Craftsman Supply

Today, I taught an Introduction to Zentangle® Art Method Class at a  new location, Artist & Craftsman Supply in Hillcrest in San Diego, California. I met four, super fun and interesting ladie, Candy, La Ree, Maria, and Rose. Jackie was unable to attend, we missed you but she wants to have me teach an in service education class for the teachers at the  elementary school she teaches at.  I'm always down for showing the teachers something they can use for guided art as well as journaling and the best part for quieting down a class after recess or lunch. 

Here is the small world part of today... La Ree son's and my daughter went to elementary together, that was 15 years ago. What a great day in a new location with some spunky ladies.
You will note I gave them free rein to embellish Florz tangle.  I love the hearts that Maria used, and Rose used a variety of open and darkened diamonds.  I'm going to teach Florz from now on with "hearts", thanks Maria. the other tangles (that's what we call the patterns), used were Tipple and Ambler and a variation of Shattuck were taught today so we could include into our second tile......... the sea turtle.



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