Tuesday, August 15, 2017

La Mesa Library and Zentangle

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Today was my first Zentangle class at the La Mesa Library in San Diego, California.  Wow.  Great group of 24 eager folks wanting to see what Zentangle is all about and yeah, some men attended too.  Love to have the men join us.  Zentangle is an meditative art method - not a craft.  Ladies bring those husbands/boyfriends/sons - they love Zentangle too.  Guys are always welcomed. Thanks for coming guys and ladies.  P.S.  Kids love Zentangle too - there are no mistakes when you tangle.. 
This was the beautiful art of one of my students.  She had never been introduced to Zentangle before.   Didn't she do a GREAT job? 
 Todays Tangles were -  Paradox, Echoism, Tipple, Knightsbridge
I have been teaching Introduction to Zentangle Art Method at many San Diego city/county libraries this year. The classes are a big hit.  I try to change tangles with each class if you want  to join me at another Introduction class and learn different tanlges.  When/if the library budget can ask me back to teach more classes, we will head out of "Kindegarten" beginning Zentangle and get into lots of different pieces to "tangle". If your library hasn't had a Zentangle class, ask them to get in touch with me - maseyjanet@gmail.com.
Look at all those happy smiles after class.  That's my favorite part.  Leave them thirsty for more. 
WARNING COMES WITH CLASS: Zentangle can be addictive.

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