Friday, August 11, 2017

Mission Valley Library Gets Tangled Up in Zentangle

Hidden and tucked away behind Costco, Lowe's and IKEA stores is the Mission Valley Library.

You probably never noticed this modern design library to the west of IKEA store in Mission Valley (San Diego, Cali).  Today, I had a  senior moment about time, and barely made it to my class.  Thanks goodness for GPS and my Nissan Maxima "four door sports car".  I made it just before class was to start.
Normally, I arrive 30/45 minutes prior to class to set up and get into a "Zen" mode and have the room ready to great the students with quiet instrumental Hawaiian slack key music.   Today, I ran into the library and was as far away from Zen as you could be. I couldn't even tell you what the inside of the library looked like before I was swept away to the community room where I would be teaching.   As I ran into the room, I saw 10 students sitting and waiting for their Zentangle class.  Thanks goodness some return students came to my aid to help pass out tiles and materials (thanks Sylvia).  We started 5 minutes late, but I think I made up for being tardy with an amazing new art method to share and the magic of Zentangle.
Here are some of the very patient gals and some of their art work. 
After all that stress and hurrying, class turned out great.  Good class.
  Can you say check and double check time of class from now on?

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