Thursday, August 24, 2017

Westmont @ San Miguel Senior Living Chula Vista

What a beautiful location in Chula Vista, California.  Before class I walked around looking for my contact to meet, I saw many interesting things at Westmont.  Hairsalon, exercise room, great smells coming from the lunch room, and a Bistro - with TV and drinks and fruits for the taking - that's where I was to teach.

Before class started, I had a few moments to talk to some of the residence.  One interesting elderly man, he shared he was "80" and wasn't a artist,  he was a singer and began singing a song in a loud, deep, amazing voice one of my favorite genre's "gospel".  I thanked him for that.  I had never been serenaded before my class.  I liked it.

I had 12 students and most finished their tile and enjoyed the new art method. Some were happy just to watch as my tile came to life with patterns I taught them.  They wanted to know when I would be back and one student as if we could draw a dreamcatcher. 

I had a first in my class:  doggie student -  okay, mascot.

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