Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kensington Library and Zentangle Art Method

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What a beautiful Saturday summer morning at the Kensington-Normal Heights Library in San Diego, Cali.  Today's Zentangle class was for the young folk, 7 years old and up.  There was a playground next to the library and I recruited several students from the jungle gym.  The best part is a couple adults came to class and of course, I let them sit in because any project I teach is fun for kids and adults alike.  We "tangled" a dragon fly today. 
Zentangle isn't just for kids -  kids/tweens/teens/ men/women and seniors LOVE Zentangle
This little boy couldn't pull himself off the jungle gym when class started and came in half way thru the class, but still enjoyed making his "own" tangles.
Good job everyone.

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