Sunday, March 3, 2019

Dragonfly's are Buzzing around Mission Hills-Hillcrest Library

I have one word to describe Mission Hills-Hillcrest Library new location:
I have taught at 40 city/county libraries in San Diego.   The architect knocked it out of the park to blend in with feel of Craftsman style homes in this neighborhood.  The community room was welcoming and had beautiful ceiling to floor windows that brought the outside inside.

Zentangle class title today was FAMILY DAY.  One of my favorite classes because it brings multi-generations together to share an activity and who doesn't LOVE Zentangle?  We had siblings, Moms and daughter and Dads and sons.  You know I love when the guys join in Zentangle class.  They really enjoy the art method.

This class was designing a dragonfly with The Zentangle Method.  Each child did a great job, as well the adults. Actually, twenty five dragonfly's were buzzing in the room.

This was my first class the this new location. After class, I handed out a short evaluation form to students to let library know if the students liked the class.  Best two response were:
                    "I liked doing it with my Dad"    and    "It was fun to do with my Mom"

That made my day.  The other response was from a cute little boy about eight? not good with ages, during the class he said "I like this".  When I look at his response on the evaluation form -  one of the questions was - "What did you like about the Zentangle class"?  His response was EVERYTHING.
Before he left, he told me what he had wrote on evaluation - he said he liked everything about Zentangle.  Heart be still - adorable.

This was a first, in all the 10,000 students I have taught in the last four years - it was obvious that this little boy would rather be outside than inside today.  LOL  - hilarious.

Support your FRIENDS OF LIBRARY so you can continue to have programs like this in your neighborhood library.

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