Thursday, May 23, 2019

Holmes Elementary School Get's Robotic

I love teaching The Zentangle Method to the children.  Today, I was invited to Holmes Elementary school in San Diego, California. 
I have been to a lot of elementary classes.  This one was different.
Upon entering this first grade classroom, I noticed not one item was out of place.

In the middle of each table, was an organizer center for pencils and markers, writing slates were stacked perfectly under.  There were organizers every where you looked in the room.  With only a couple weeks left of school, the room actually looked like the first day of school before the children walked into class.  Beautiful class room Ms. Curtis, very impressed.  How do you do it?    

Ms. Curtis asked me to create a Zentangle Father's Day gift the kids could give to their Dad's.  I came up with a robot bookmark.  Twenty five first graders started their Zentangle journey today. Learning that there are no mistakes, no rulers, no erasers with The Zentangle Method.  They followed along with my suggestions of tangles (that is what we call the patterns).  I even let them create a tangle or two on their own.  Kids like the idea of creating their very own tangles.    If you can draw a circle and a straight line - you can tangle.

The big secret is to not let the Dad's of Ms. Curtis class know that they will be receive the best art piece their kids have ever created.  Shhhhh - keep the secret.  Great job kids - it was a pleasure to be in your classroom today.

Below, is Lilly... my youngest granddaughter.  Best assistant ever.  This was my first time teaching Zentangle in Lilly's classroom.  After class, she asked me if I could come and teach Zentangle next year in her class. Ahh. kids love Zentangle.

Need a idea for your class?
 Let me know the subject and I create a Zentangle art piece for your classroom. Watch the kids relax, focus and enjoy early art development with The Zentangle Method.

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