Saturday, May 18, 2019

Mira Mesa Library Gets Tangled Up in Zentangle

Each year in San Diego, some of the libraries have a HOW-TO-FESTIVAL.  Throughout the library there are centers to learn different subjects.   I was asked to do a demonstration at the Mira Mesa Library on How-to-Zentangle.  This wasn't an Introduction to Zentangle, but just a hint of what would be in store for you when you take the "basic" class.  

The class turned out to be one of my favorite class, multi-generations.  Dad's and daughters, brother's and sister's, and Mom's and kids, ten in all were lucky to learn about Zentangle - a secret gem.

We created a bookmark  on 2x4 cardstock using The Zentangle Method.  Tangles taught were:

Zentangle is a meditative art method.  During the process of drawing, you relax, focus and get into a state of well-being - healing art.

Below is the multi-hat Mira Mesa Library Manager, Ina Gibson.   She taught the How-to-play the ukulele.  Great job Ina.

Some of the other classes were:
How to make slime
How to grow your organic urban garden in a tiny space
How to be on time
How to make paper beads
How to make S/more pops
How to do Yoga for children

This was my thank you card from Mira Mesa Library for sharing Zentangle with the library. 
My pleasure. 

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