Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Zentangle Club at Oasis

Zentangle Club at Oasis,  San Diego, Cali, brings folks together for a Zentangle class.  I bring a surprise project for each class.  Today, I introduced Zentangle Dingsplatz.

What in the heck is a Dingsplatz?
A typical  Zentangle Renaissance tile is working on tan paper with black, brown pens with white charcoal pencil.  If you take a renaissance tile   and threw it against a wall, it would become a DINGSPLATZ

.  Fourteen ladies got Dingsplatz today.


A basic Zentangle tile is black and white.  When you add color into art it becomes more thoughtful, less relaxing.   You have to think, what color, what type of color/pen/markers/pencils?  How many colors? Where do I put the color?  Even when you want to add some color to your Zentangle tile, I say, the patterns speak for themselves so a little color goes a long way.  Like in one of the ladies in class today (Jan), added a little blue, to bling up her tile.  Lovely.

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