Monday, May 6, 2019

Oak Park Library and Hummies

Fantastic day with seven lovely ladies Oak Park Library in San Diego, CA.  Spring always brings a lot of hummingbirds and also a lot of Zentangle Hummingbird classes.

My step-Mom, next door - yes, she is my neighbor, has resident hummies that give birth each year.  So fun to watch them go thru the process of birth, feeding and watching Mom entice their young to fly away.

Anna and brought her foreign exchange students that were visiting to class today - let's call them Ms. Italy and Ms. Sweden.  They were so adorable. Ms. Sweden just turn 21 and celebrated downtown San Diego. She was a  bit tired today at class.  Whoo hoo 21.  I remember that day (barely).  

Since we were drawing Zentangle hummingbirds today, Ms "Italy" had to show me her tattoo.
I thought it was the prettiest tattoo I've seen yet.

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