Monday, July 29, 2019

No Color, No Problem

Just several miles away from the famous San Diego Zoo, our class designed a Zentangle Zebra at Kensington/Normal Heights Library.  Eight lucky students created a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art).   

Art can be intimidating.  What media? What size?  What to draw?  When you add color to art you have to think... What color? How many colors? What media of colors? Where do I put color?  Not very relaxing.  The only thing you have to choose in the Zentangle Method are patterns.  

Typically Zentangle is an abstract (no up or down), black & white, meditative art method.  Zentangle was designed to take the "hard" out of art by creating a simple method that use very few materials (4x4 paper, pencil, pen).  Zentangle is so easy a six year old to senior can complete by drawing circles and lines.  All patterns are designed with a step-by-step method.

Using a "string" you apply patterns inside each section. What better black/white image would be more perfect than a Zebra?  Today, our string had the shape of a Zebra?    

Couple fun Zebra facts:  

Zebras run from side to side when being chased by a predator
Zebras eat mostly grass
Zebras life span is about twenty five years
Zebras weigh between 200-450 pounds

I had never looked at a Zebra tail.  Look how interesting the patterns are.  I gotta go to the Zoo soon to see this.

Back to my class today...

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