Sunday, June 16, 2019

Rancho San Diego Library Finds a Zebra in the Room

Twelve excited folks found a friend today at Rancho San Diego Library.  Using the Zentangle Method, we went black and white to created an adorable zebra.

Using Ben Kwok zebra outline, we learned lots of "tangles" to adorn our zebra with.
Check out  Ben's Facebook page. Ornation Creation/Ben Workz
Beautiful work posted by others, and downloads to use.

It isn't recommended to ride a zebra.  Riding a zebra isn't practical because they are smaller than horses and unlikely be able to support the weight of an adult human for an extended period of time without getting injured.

Zebras can reach up to 65kph when galloping across the plains to outpace predators such as lions.  Foals can run within a few hours of birth.

A zebras coat is thought to disperse more than 70% of incoming heat, preventing them from overheating in the African sun.

In addition to keeping zebras cool, the strips serve as camouflage in the long grass to distract predators.  Lions are color blind, and a herd of stripy running zebras will be confusing if everything you see is black and white.

The zebras stripes are like a fingerprint, each unique to each animal.

The little boy (in the pic below) came with his grandma and joined in the class.  He was so shy, he would never tell me his name.  I called him Shy Guy.
                           What a sweet boy. Kids as well as adults, LOVE Zentangle.

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