Saturday, June 29, 2019

Teens and Santee Library

After a couple of U-turns, I finally found it.  Today was my first visit to share the Zentangle Method at Santee Library, San Diego, CA.  This quaint little library is nestled in the corner of a shopping center.

I've been teaching at SD city/county libraries for three years and was not aware of a program like the one I attended tonight.   Tonights program was called Zentangle Enigma from the summer reading program.

When I walked into the library at 5pm, the librarian made an announcement, the library is closing. I thought to myself , "did I get my time wrong"?  I consider myself to be a very punctual individual  What was actually happening was the library closes and then re-opens an hour later for a private class for the 6th-8th graders. Parents drop off the kids and the library caters food (today was Mexican - churros and all) - YUM.  The kids get to feast and attend a class of some sort. after.  Today was their lucky day, they were going to start their Zentangle journey.

I choose the tortoise Zentangle workshop to teach the teens. This class works well with any age, even adults.  There were four teens, and two library staff (Tiffany and Tony).  Unfortunately we were competing with the San Diego Fair (still want to call it the Del Mar Fair).  The lucky few had a great time learning how easy art can be with the Zentangle Method. Zentangle was created for those intimidated by art.  No rulers, no erasers, no mistakes.

Kids are so much fun to teach.  Look at this art piece below.  She added a name for their tortoise and also a cactus to the landscape.

The next students art was by "Jefurryie".  I hadn't seen that spelling before.   He was a hoot. Notice the mustache and halo, dinosaur type back fins with long tail he added to his art piece.  Terrific  

Before class, Tiffany, the teen librarian, said that art wasn't her thing, but she had an artist friend that would probably enjoy Zentangle.  I invited Tony (library assistant) and Tiffany to joined class.  After class, Tiffany said she text her art work pic to her artist friend.  Tiffany's friend couldn't believe that was her art work.  
                                          You don't get "it", till you do "it"

On a side note:  Right next door to the Santee Library I was surprised to see Janet's Café & Deli.  I've been know to drive 40 minutes to the Alpine Janet's Café, located in the mountains outside of San Diego.  The portions are huge (note to self- share a meal).  The menu is like going to grandma's for dinner.  If you live near Santee, or going to visit the library soon - stop by and see for yourself.  Yummy food for the taking, great breakfast meals too.


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